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Brian’s story

Brian Meyers from Leigh on Sea, died aged 71 in November 2019. He had oesophageal cancer for almost three years until it spread to his peritoneum lining, which goes around the kidney and liver.

The hospice helped him with counselling intermittently during his illness and were very supportive of his wife Yvonne early on, although Brian was reluctant to take part in the workshops at first.

Brian was initially admitted to Fair Havens for respite and was there for almost two weeks until he died.

Tania, Brian’s daughter, said “The hospice had been actively supportive of my Mum from the start, really, because my father was very poorly. He was given the option to go down and do workshops, arts and crafts within Day Hospice, but he didn’t want to get involved to start with.

But when we all went down there, we found it to be a really calming place and everyone was so very supportive. We wouldn’t have got through it without Fair Havens.

“Everyone’s perception initially about hospices is, I think, that you go there to die but it’s not that at all.

“Fair Havens offers a huge support structure with other people that are going through the same thing where people can share experiences and support each other. I think it’s a very calming environment. It’s not what you think. A hospital for me can feel a little bit clinical but Havens Hospice wasn’t like that at all.

“They literally talked us through everything, step by step with what was happening and were very supportive to my Mum.

“I would reassure people that you do need that help. You do need that support and don’t feel you are going there for negative or dark reasons. Thank you Fair Havens.”

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Published in 2020

Everyone’s perception initially about hospices is, I think, that you go there to die but it’s not that at all.