Local roofing firm donates £50K to support local hospice

A Wickford company is helping a local charity through the cost of living crisis by pledging to donate £50K to help towards funding utility bills and a nurse.

Highview Roofing and Externals has supported Havens Hospices for over five years. However, after hearing at the charity’s Gala Ball last summer how the pandemic and increasing cost of energy has affected their finances, the company reached out to offer a significant donation of £15,000.

In May, at this year’s Havens Hospices Gala Ball the company stepped up again and generously offered to help cover the costs of funding a nurse, donating an additional £10K and pledging to give £1,000 a month to the charity over the next 25 months.

Terry Lake, Chairman from Highview Roofing and Externals said, “We wanted to make a donation that we know would have an impact on helping the hospice to ease the ever increasing utility bills.  With the cost of living rising and the need for so many facilities that Havens Hospices provides, which rely on the use of electricity, it was clear to us that contributing this way would be extremely helpful at this time.”

Highview’s relationship with the charity started five years ago at the Countywide Business Awards where they met with one of the hospice’s Corporate Fundraisers. After hearing stories about the care Little Havens provides to support families in the local community, the Chairman, Terry Lake, donated £10,000.

Since then, every year, the company has generously supported the hospice by contributing to the Little Havens Christmas Party, held fundraisers at work and attended the charity’s annual Gala Ball. The company has even lent a helping hand to replace the roof on the summer house in the gardens at Little Havens, a favourite with families.

Terry continues, “Havens Hospices has become incredibly close to our hearts over the years, and just seeing how they support those that really need it to all ages just blows us away.

“It’s clear there is a huge emphasis on ensuring all those that need the facilities have the ability to still enjoy all of the ‘normal’ things in life. Being at the hospice doesn’t take away dignity, fun or independence – it provides an environment that gives it back. How could we not fall in love with such a great charity?”

Tanya King, Philanthropy Manager at Havens Hospices said, “We are incredibly grateful for all the amazing support Highview has given the hospices. Their most recent donation towards our energy bills and help towards funding a nurse is greatly appreciated, especially in these tough economic times.

“By 2024, we estimate that our energy bills will have risen by 195% – that’s another quarter of a million pounds that we need to raise from our community through things like events and donations.

“We can’t escape these costs – patients need our support 24/7, 365 days a year.  Patients staying at our hospices for end-of-life care require complex equipment to keep them safe and comfortable. Our nurses take calls and support families throughout the night and our kitchens cater specifically for the needs of patients who may not be able to eat, chew or swallow easily – all of this requires the lights to be on and to use energy, even when we save as much energy as we possibly can. On behalf of everybody at Havens Hospices, thank you for making this amazing contribution.”

To find out more about Havens Hospices and how businesses can support the charity, visit www.havenshospices.org.uk/corporate

Published 14th June 2023

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Tom Abbott and Steve Smith from Havens Hospices stand outside Little Havens with two representatives from Highview