Arizona’s Story

Arizona is a cheeky, curious boy who, in a lot of ways, is just a regular 4-year-old boy. However, he was born with five brain abnormalities and diagnosed with multiple life-long conditions, which means he needs 24/7 care and relies on his parents for everything. 

After struggling with not getting enough rest and sleep to meet his needs, Arizona and his parents Deborah and Adam were referred to Little Havens.     

Adam said, “There’s this idea that a hospice is always a sad place, but when you come here you see children are happy and families are getting the support they need. It’s life-changing really.” 

Deborah and Adam feel like they are coming home to a safe place when they visit Little Havens.  Little Havens gives them all something to look forward to, reassurance, and acts as their safety net.  

Deborah explained, “There’s been occasions before where we’ve had really an awful time at home where we’ve had a personal emergency or I’ve been ill and Adam hasn’t been able to be off work, where they’ve allowed us to have emergency stays. It’s just like a big cuddle when you walk through the door, and you know you’re going to be taken care of. 

“Having Little Havens really is life-changing for us, and I think without it, life would be less full of joy, and we would feel even more isolated from the rest of society. Arizona would miss out as well, he just loves it. He’s got friends here; all the staff love him. Not having Little Havens would be bad for everyone.” 

“One of the best things that ever happened here, and showed us we were accepted, was when we were here for the Easter egg hunt. There was a little girl in the lounge, and she looked over and she pointed at Arizona’s wheelchair and said ‘Look, he’s in a chair as well’. It was just so ‘normal’ and we didn’t stand out.” 

Adam says: “I think our life would be a lot harder without Little Havens. Although, we don’t visit every week, just having something in the calendar to look forward to that we know he’s going to love as well is great.  

“Little Havens has given us the validation that what we’re feeling at any given time is okay.” 

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Published in 2024

Little Havens has given us the validation that what we’re feeling at any given time is okay.

Deborah, Arizona's mum