Volunteer Tin Collector

Contract: 2 days a month
Location: Out in the community
Closing Date: Dec 31, 2022

Havens Hospices are looking for an enthusiastic and friendly volunteer to help assist the fundraising team with tin collecting. The role will help us raise money and awareness of Havens Hospices within the local community.

Your role will be to collect tins from local businesses such as pharmacies, pubs, newsagents etc. in agreed postcode locations. The more tins collected and swapped the more money raised for Havens Hospices.


Role description


As an authorised volunteer tin collector we ask:

  • That you collect tins and/or buckets from our supporters on our behalf
  • Collections should only occur when requested by the organisation
  • Fill out all required documents to allow for accurate record management
  • Be legal, honest, open and respectful
  • Let us know immediately if a tin or bucket has been stolen, tampered with or the seal has been broken.
  • Follow the tin collecting agreement


  • Named Volunteer Coordinator to support you in your role
  • Induction and ‘on the job’ training as required
  • Volunteer Charter which demonstrates our commitment to volunteers
  • Agreed out of pocket travel expenses
  • Recognition in the form of thank-you events
  • Certificate of volunteering (on request)