Young Ambassadors Awards Ceremony

young ambassadors

Young Ambassadors is an opportunity to gain hands on experience at Havens Hospices, by learning skills which will strengthen your future job prospects or university applications.

"The work the Young Ambassadors do here is really appreciated, I know, and if you want to make a difference then this is definitely something you should consider because it is not much of your time for a big change."Mark

"I'm really grateful for this experience and personally I've gained a lot from this process, both personal and communication skills. But for me the most valuable lesson I have learnt from my experience in the hospice is being happy with the life I have been given, and cherishing every moment."Meena

your commitment

As part of our Young Ambassadors project we ask you to commit to

  • Attending two training and induction sessions that will take place on two Saturdays in April 2018
  • Adhering to the organisation’s Policies and Procedures with particular attention to Confidentiality and Health and Safety
  • Committing to volunteer with the project from July 2018 – July 2019
  • Meeting time and duty commitments or give as much notice as possible if you cannot attend
  • Performing your volunteer role to the best of your ability

our commitment 

We commit to providing you with

  • Experience of a recruitment and interview process.
  • Access to excellent induction and training
  • An excellent and unique opportunity to gain experience within a Hospice environment
  • Practical experience of volunteering in a Hospice setting
  • Out of pocket travel expenses
  • On-going support and supervision including a named Volunteer Coordinator
  • Celebration and Certificate on completion of the year

Applications for Young Ambassadors is now CLOSED.

Contact us today on 01702 220350 or email us