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refer a young adult to the j's hospice

The J's Hospice accepts referrals on behalf of any patient aged 16 - 40 years, with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions from across Essex.

who can be cared for by the j's hospice?

Referrals are accepted for any young adult within our range with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

All referrals are considered by our multi disciplinary team. Referrals for young people aged 38+ are taken, with a focus on partnership working with adult services to facilitate onward transition at aged 40.

how can i refer myself / someone i'm caring for to the j's hospice?

Although a referral can be made direct to the hospice by a patient or carer, we do recommend that a professional involved in the patient's care make the initial contact. This way The J's Hospice has all the medical information needed to consider the referral.

Anyone making a referral must have the consent of the patient. For more information on how to refer to The J's Hospice, please call the Clinical Team in confidence on 01245 475474 (option 1) or to make a referral directly to the hospice, please click here.

criteria for referral 

The J's Hospice will accept patients in line with the following criteria:

  • Life-threatening conditions for which curative treatment may be feasible but can fail, where access to palliative care services may be necessary when treatment fails.
  • Conditions where premature death is inevitable, where there may be long periods of intensive treatment aimed at prolonged life and allowing participation in normal activities.
  • Progressive conditions without curative treatment options where treatment is exclusively palliative and may commonly extend over many years.
  • Irreversible but non-progressive conditions causing severe disability leading to susceptibility to health conditions and likelihood of premature death. 
  • The patient has specialist palliative / complex care nursing needs.
  • The needs of the patient and family / carer are such that additional supportive care is required, including end of life care.
  • The patient wishes to remain at home as far as possible.
  • The GP consents to the referral.
  • The patient consents to the referral or the referral is made in the patient's best interest.

what other services can the j's hospice offer?

Services are delivered by an expert team in the young adult's own home, local community venues and through peer / social groups. We also offer a comprehensive well-being service including Counselling, Social Worker support, Complementary Therapies and Chaplaincy support.

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