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Our J’s Hospice young adult social group first began in 2011 with the aim of providing a safe and secure setting for our patients to meet with their peers, enjoy a variety of activities and enable their family members to have a period of respite.

Patients have the opportunity to meet with like-minded young people and experience activities that they may otherwise be unable to do. The afternoon of respite allows parents valuable time to spend together to do things that they can’t always do whilst providing care for their young person, such as spending quality time with other children.

As it grew in popularity, patients wanted to give their group an identity and voted to rename it Inspire!

Inspire! is held in a beautiful venue called Danbury Mission which provides a bright, spacious and non-clinical setting for patients to relax in for the seven groups held each year. We encourage the young people attending to feed back their ideas of what they would like to see or take part in and empower them to make decisions about how the group can be changed and continue to grow.

We have had some wonderful activities at our groups such as ‘pets as therapy’ dogs, morris dancing, music workshops, car shows and even reindeer! 2018 led us on a trip around the world stopping in China for Chinese New Year in February and celebrating all things British in April. In June we travelled to Brazil for the Rio Carnival and later in the year we stopped in Australia, Africa, India and of course Lapland for Christmas!

If you would like to see some of the activities that we have had at our groups so far, please click on the pictures below to read our group reviews.

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Link to report on 1950s Inspire! on February 2019

Link to report on 1960s Inspire! in April 2019
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j's inspire button for the 1980's group links to report
j's inspire button for the 1990's group links to report

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Inspire! in China - February 2018
Inspire! in Britain - April 2018
Inspire! in Brazil - June 2018
Inspire! Australia 2018
Africa-themed Inspire

India-themed Inspire!

Inspire! Christmas Report

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