Little Havens Thanksgiving

Little Havens Thanksgiving is an opportunity to join with other families who have experienced bereavement in remembering and celebrating your child.
If you are able to, join us on Saturday 26th June, 2pm in a minute of silent reflection which we shall also be doing at Little Havens and asking our staff – wherever they are on that day – to do the same.
As you know, Little Havens Thanksgiving is a private and intimate event shared just between our bereaved families and Care Team. We kindly ask that you do not share these videos on your social media accounts, but you are welcome to share this private web link with others in your family if they usually attend the event.

Craft tutorial - How to make a chalk pastel butterfly with our Creative Therapist Lizzie

Resources needed – chalk pastels, plain paper white or cream, wet wipes, Pritt stick, embellishments such as stick on gems, sequins, buttons, feathers etc, glitter, scissors, hair spray if using glitter, felt pens, black fine liner, colouring pencils.

Printable butterfly template is available here -

Introduction by Spiritual Care Lead Martin Hill

Welcome to our Thanksgiving for 2021.

Again this year we have decided that we need to provide an online platform of videos and resources sent to you by post so that you may hold your own Thanksgiving for 2021.

Recognition by Spiritual Care Lead Martin Hill

We give ourselves, on this day, the permission to acknowledge and remember how these lights in our lives shone brightly but for a shorter time than any of us would have wished..

Prayer by Judith Rolf

Judy, a member of our Little Havens Care Team, leads a pray for Thanksgiving 2021. 

Reflection by Spiritual Care Lead Martin Hill

Love is like a Butterfly says how fleeting love can be like the life of the butterfly. No doubt with the weather becoming warmer and the flowers blooming you will see butterflies either in your own garden or when you are out in the parks or the countryside. 

Reading by Lauren Summers

Lauren, Deputy Ward Sister at Little Havens, reads the poem 'Butterfly Hovers Closely' for Thanksgiving 2021. 

‘Love is like a Butterfly’ by the Little Havens Care Team

Blessing by Spiritual Care Lead Martin Hill