sue, fair havens housekeeper

"I don’t have a typical day – it changes on a daily basis. But I interact with patients, clean the rooms including the empty rooms, deep clean equipment and deep clean rooms after a death. We also clean the offices and any public spaces that could lead to infection and germs being spread. I also volunteer here as a hairdresser.

We enhance a patient’s experience by having their wellbeing at heart of everything we do, whether that’s the cleaning, getting them tea or just having a little chat.  On the more clinical side of things we enable the Care Team to do their jobs because we look after the hygiene side of things. We are the department who work very hard to prevent infection control.

I also give my time as a volunteer hairdresser and that is more about their mental and emotional wellbeing. When they have their hair cut it’s a bit of time for them. It could help them feel better because it’s maintaining who they are – they are not their illness, they are them."

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