rosie, ncn care team member at little havens hospices

"There isn’t really a typical day at Little Havens, but my role involves play, giving medicine, and bathing and caring for the child, providing them with holistic care. I’m allocated a child on a daily basis – I become their point of contact and so whatever that child needs it becomes my responsibility.

I love everything about my job but the little things like making them laugh and smile is a wonderful reward. Knowing that their parents feel comfortable to walk away is a great feeling too - you’ve got to remember they’re handing over the most precious thing in their lives to you and they trust you to care and protect their child. Every child is different – we look at the whole picture and are mindful of every child’s needs so some children don’t want to play or can’t play in a traditional way so we do other activities with them that they will enjoy. By treating every child and family with respect and for who they are helps us make every day count for them

We link with the Kitchen as nearly every child who comes to stay with us has very specific nutritional needs so we work with them to ensure that those are met.  We link with housekeeping and maintenance – we wouldn’t be able to provide the level of care that we do without them. Maintenance is vital especially with the pool and the Multi-Sensory Room. Housekeeping keep everything operational and hygienic. And we wouldn’t be able to run the hospice without fundraisers because they get the money that we need to provide the services we do.

I am ‘hospice care’ because I am with a family along their medical journey from respite, symptom management, end of life and afterwards – I help provide care for all aspects of their lives." 

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