peter's story

33-year-old Peter was first diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer, in May 2012. Nine days later he started chemotherapy. By January 2013 Pete went into remission, but in October 2014, the week his son George was born, the cancer returned. On 26th October 2015 Pete died at Fair Havens Hospice.

"Pete’s pain was so unbearable we just couldn’t cope at home.

“They’re amazing here. We turned up, they gave us tea and cake, I knew everyone’s name. They just couldn’t welcome us in better. They’re brilliant with the boys and they love everyone that works here.  I’m not sure if it’s because they’re the loudest children here but everyone knows their names!”

Peter’s wife, Arleigh

“I was given some options of pain control and it was either going to hospital or to Fair Havens and to be honest as soon as I heard the word ‘hospice’ I thought of death and that is what I’ve always perceived going to a hospice is, you go to a hospice to die and to spend your last times.

My first impression when I got there was ‘this isn’t anything like I thought it was going to be’. I’ve built up so much respect for everyone who works here, not just the nursing staff but the kitchen, admin, everyone here does their own amazing job - the way they’ve looked after me has been brilliant.

It’s little things that they remember. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else now, when it’s my time I don’t want to go to hospital I want to come here because I know not only will I be looked after and cared for but when that time comes I know that my wife and my kids will be looked after as well and they’ll have the after care. And I’m not saying you wouldn’t get that in hospital but it’s the personal touches that you get here and that’s why I want to come here. It’s just fantastic.”


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