day care volunteer drivers

The role of the Volunteer Drivers is to take patients from their home to the Day Care Centre in Westcliff, and back again afterwards. Generally they pick up the same patient each week.

Tom says, 

“I enjoy getting to know the patient. You bond with them as you drive them back and forth over the weeks. One lady couldn’t get out the house except when I picked her up for Day Care, so one day we stopped at the shops to get her son a Christmas present.”

Keith says, 

“We’re helping ‘Make every day count’ for the patient by bringing them to somewhere they can socialise and for the families we’re giving them a bit of a break.”

Len says, 

“On their first day at Day Care, most people are a bit nervous and I try to make them feel a little less anxious. I often say tell me about it later and 9 times out of 10 they can’t stop talking about their experience when I drive them home.”

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