alina's story

Born in 2014 Alina has SWAN (a syndrome without a name) and several medical conditions as a result; she has been enrolled in several genetic studies in the hope that she will be given a full diagnosis.

Alina’s Community Nurse at Broomfield Hospital recommended Little Havens Hospice to her parents; Nicky and Melvyn. 

The family were initially a little apprehensive about coming to a hospice as they had the misconception that hospices only offered end of life care.

Nicky, Alina’s mum said “We weren’t sure what to expect when we first visited Little Havens but soon saw that the hospice is full of life. We were so impressed by the service it could offer us as a family.”

In October 2016 Alina and her parents came to Little Havens Hospices for their first short break.

Nicky, Alina’s mum said “Our stays are so valuable to us as they allow us to recharge and take a break from the daily care routine; we get to enjoy spending time with Alina as just ‘Mummy’ and ‘Daddy’ rather than also having to be carers as well.”

The couple are able to leave Alina with the staff at Little Havens Hospice during their breaks so that they can spend time together

Nicky said, “It’s not just Alina who the care team support when we stay. They support us by giving us time to reconnect over a meal or a walk together without having to worry about Alina because we know she is in safe hands.”

Alina also comes to the monthly Sensory Storytime sessions and enjoys playing in the pool and multi-sensory room with Mum and Dad

Nicky said “I think the multi-sensory room is Alina’s favourite room at the hospice and she absolutely loves Sensory Storytime. As parents we get the opportunity to play make believe with Alina and make fun memories as a family.” 

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