• A Fair Havens relative with his son at the beach

    sue's story

    Sue Coyston was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder in March 2013. She spent the last few days of her ...

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  • Jack with a Little Havens Nurse in the multi sensory room at Little Havens Hospice

    jack's story

    Seven-year-old Jack Smith lives in Rayleigh with his mum, Kayley, and step-dad Bobby and he loves Peppa Pig, swimming and ...

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  • A little havens patient with his mum

    brandon's story

    Brandon is a very unique eleven year old boy. He has Lennox-Gastuat Syndrome, a type of severe and rare epilepsy ...

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  • Charlie at Little Havens Hospice

    charlie's story

    Four-year-old Charlie has so far not been diagnosed with a condition. He has lung disease, can’t swallow safely and has ...

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  • A Fair Havens Patient sitting up in bed with his son

    peter's story

    33-year-old Peter was first diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma, an aggressive form of cancer, in May 2012. Nine days later he ...

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  • Barbara and Andrew Newman

    barbara and andrew's story

    In 2010 Caroline Newman’s mum, Barbara, was diagnosed with cancer in her nose. Shortly after a tumour was found in ...

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  • Little havens patient katie with minnie mouse at disneyland

    katie's story

    Katie was 18 months old when she was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 1, a genetic condition that causes non-cancerous growths ...

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  • A Fair Havens Day Care patient with his wife

    dan's story

    39 year old Dan Knight lives in Leigh-on-Sea with his wife Sarah, and two daughters, Eloisa, 8 and Imogen, 6. ...

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  • A Little Havens Patient

    harry's story

    When seven-year-old Harry was 21 months old he was diagnosed with Leighs Syndrome, a type of Mitochondrial Disease, caused when ...

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  • Ian and his grandson Theo at Fair Havens

    ian's story

    Since he was 16 years old Ian Gentle worked as an electrical engineer, firstly as an apprentice working on power ...

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  • Maci and her mum Sophie in the ball pool at Little Havens

    maci-louise's story

    For the first 10 weeks of Maci-Louise’s life she would scream constantly, vomit, wouldn’t take any type of feed and ...

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  • Jack Thumwood in his school uniform

    jack thumwood

    Jack Thumwood lived in Colchester with his mum Alli, dad Jim and older sister Sophie.

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  • Ellie

    ellie's story

    Ellie was three when she died at home in her sleep on 16th December last year.

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  • Katie, Sue and Jessica

    sue and barbara's story

    In February 2013, Jessica’s mum Sue started experiencing severe stomach pain. The following month Doctors found a large tumour on ...

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  • David is comforted by Staff Nurse Karen at Fair Havens Hospice

    david's story

    David Johnson was a larger than life character. A hairdresser by trade he had raised money for Havens Hospices by ...

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  • Beverly with Staff Nurse Karen

    beverley's story

    “The Care Team at Fair Havens was absolutely amazing. I didn’t think this type of care existed until I experienced ...

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  • Harry playing in the water fountain


    Born in 2015, Harry has kidney disease. Harry and his family – Mum Zoe, Dad Ben and older brother Billy ...

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  • Alina and Mum Nicky Sensory Storytime

    alina's story

    In October 2016 Alina and her parents came to Little Havens Hospices for their first short break.

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  • Keith, Leonard, Allan, Tom, Len - Daycare Drivers

    day care volunteer drivers

    The role of the Volunteer Drivers is to take patients from their home to the Day Care Centre in Westcliff, ...

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  • Rosie Smith

    rosie, ncn care team member at little havens hospices

    "There isn’t really a typical day at Little Havens, but my role involves play, giving medicine, and bathing and caring ...

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