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the next generation of fundraising and volunteering

improving your cv

There are two simple ways to help build your C.V whilst 'Making every day count' for our patients and their families.


Volunteering shows your dedication, skills and provides you with valuable experience in a wide range of settings, some examples include

  • Bucket Collections - provides experience in face to face communication, time keeping and basic customer relations as well as team and confidence building.
  • Holding Charity Dinners or Events - shows the extent of event organising and managing skills, working with others and managing budgets.
  • Office work - means you can gain valuable experience of working in an office environment, building confidence and learning about different aspects of an office within the charity sector.
If you've got a few hours to spare and learning more, please click here to email our fundraising team or call 01702 220305.


Here are a few fundraising ideas to get your friends involved with supporting Havens Hospices.

  • Fancy Dress/Cosplay Contest - Either head down to the local fancy dress shop or make your own.  Charge donations for entry and host your own mini convention.
  • Gaming or Movie Marathon - Think you could game for 24 hours or more? Get your friends to join in and ask for sponsorship.
  • Nerd Swap/Clothes Exchange - Have a few collectibles? Be brave and host a 'Nerd Swap' or host a clothes exchange in return for donations.
Students taking part in 10 mile walk for Little Havens

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