fair havens hospice is opening their doors to the public

03 August 2017

Fair Havens Hospice is throwing open their doors to the public next weekend and hosting an Open Doors event on Sunday 13th August between 11am and 3pm.

Visitors will be joined by Alice and her friends from Wonderland for cream tea, entertainment and fun and games including Flamingo Croquet and “Pin the Grin” on the Cheshire Cat.

They will also be encouraged to walk ‘Through the Looking Glass’ by touring the hospice and learning more about the care and support Fair Havens provides to seriously ill adults and their families in Southend, Castle Point and Rochford. 

Emily Tucker, Community Engagement Officer, says

“There are many preconceptions about hospice care and what we do here at Fair Havens.

“Many of our patients are admitted for short breaks to help control their pain and also to give them and their loved ones a break from being just ‘patients’ and ‘carers’ and instead give them an opportunity to be; husband and wife, mother and son etc. Around 47% of the adults who stay with us at Fair Havens return home after their visit, staying for an average of 12 days.

“As well as the IPU at the hospice we also have a wonderful Hospice at Home team and Day Care nurses who care for adults with life-limiting illnesses on a daily basis either in their own homes or at the hospice allowing members of our local community who have life-limiting illnesses receive their treatments and end-of-life care in a less clinical environment. Day Care also gives patients to other creative and alternative therapies such as art therapy and complementary therapy.

“Of course, end-of-life care does happen at a hospice and we provide post bereavement support for families, but there is also a lot of fun and laughter that happens here.

“It is this side of the hospice that we want to show the local community and to give them a better understanding of what we provide here and why it is so important that people continue to support us; because without them we simply couldn’t care for the number of adults who need our care.”  

For more information about Open Doors at Fair Havens Hospice, click here.

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