havens hospices 9th annual boat trip huge success

11 July 2017

On Thursday 29th June, Havens Hospices were joined by families to celebrate their children’s successes on the charity’s ninth annual boat trip for children who have relatives being cared for by Little Havens or Fair Havens.

The children aged 12 – 14 use Havens Hospices’ Family Support Services and are invited to take part in a once in a lifetime sailing voyage aboard a Baltic Trader – ‘The Queen Galadriel’. The voyage is organised and overseen by The Cirdan Trust and helps the children learn life skills, communication techniques and build confidence through working on the vessel as they sail from Poole in Dorset to Alderney in Guernsey.

Alison Mullins, Sibling Support Worker at Havens Hospices said

“Everyone matters at Havens Hospices. We care not just for patients, but also their families and part of our support for siblings and young relatives involves practical days or trips like this that help their development. Seeing these young people grow in confidence, self-worth and being able to work as a team in such a short amount of time is amazing”

12 year old Alfie’s Dad Tony Scarrott said

“The biggest change I’ve seen in Alfie is that he before he didn’t necessarily believe that he could achieve what he has done on this trip and he has grown as a person. He now has more of a ‘can-do’ attitude; he has learnt that whilst not everyone has the same skills or background you can still achieve anything you want to if you work at it.  I’m incredibly proud of what he has achieved and what he has learnt and applied since the trip.”

12 year old George’s Mum Liz Chaplin said,

“George had been away without us before, with Scouts and school, but had always been highly anxious about leaving and had moments of wanting to come home. Ordinarily, when he's away, he's consumed with worry about his sister and what might be happening at home. He feels like the odd one out and that no one truly understands his concerns.

“What made this trip different was that everyone was in the same situation. All the kids had someone at home who is poorly; they supported each other and it made it so much easier for him because he was surrounded by people who fully understood what that feels like. He was therefore able to fully emerge himself in all that was being offered because his emotional needs were met. For the first time ever, he didn’t miss us at all! For the first time, he was the same as everyone else and I think that helped alleviate any stress that he would normally feel and he enjoyed every moment of the trip which was absolutely fantastic!” 

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