“as soon as we visited little havens hospice everyone at wilkins kennedy knew they wanted to volunteer as a team”

05 June 2017

Wilkins Kennedy LLP has been supporting Havens Hospices since December 2015; fundraising over £8,000 for the charity so far. The company also decided they wanted to do more than just fundraise as part of their corporate responsibility; so they joined the Havens Hospices Corporate Volunteers.

Paul East, Partner at Wilkins Kennedy LLP explains

“Our Southend office decided to make a commitment to support one local charity so we could focus on doing more for a specific charity rather than spreading ourselves thinly across numerous causes.

“We chose Havens Hospices because it’s a fantastic organisation that does amazing work in our local area and most people within our office have experience directly or indirectly of someone who has used or been cared for and supported in some way by Havens Hospices.

“We started volunteering as a team in 2016, but the desire from our staff to volunteer at Little Havens Hospice has definitely increased over the past year as they learn more about the charity and the work they do. This year we organised three corporate volunteer days at Little Havens Hospice in May so that any and all staff who wanted to attend was able to.

“Personally my favourite thing about volunteering at Havens Hospices is definitely working with the team on something that is rewarding in a completely different way; we get to switch off from the daily pressures, have a laugh and relaxing team day with the knowledge that you are helping in your own small way to achieve a much larger goal. I would highly recommend volunteering to everyone either as part of a corporate team building activity or on a personal level.”

Annette Robinson Secretary at Wilkins Kennedy said

“When I visited Little Havens Hospice with the company I was struck by how happy and alive it felt, it was not a place of sadness or sickness, it was a place of warmth and love and laughter.

“I personally think that the corporate volunteering has been really good for teambuilding and also staff moral and self-esteem. It also inspires you to get involved in other volunteering days, after my first corporate volunteering experience I signed up for the 2016 Christmas present wrapping.”

Barry Hickey Manager at Wilkins Kennedy said

“The first time that we visited Little Havens Hospice really cemented for me that we had chosen a very worthy local cause to support and I wanted to help as much as possible both in terms of funds and volunteering. After I got back from visiting the hospice I decided I wanted to take part in the Saltmarsh 75 race to fundraise for them.

“From a managerial point of view, I think corporate volunteering really helps staff to get behind the corporate fundraising because you get to see and experience the impact of your support. I never really felt that staff fully engaged before with the corporate responsibility policy, but meeting the staff and other volunteers at Havens Hospices and seeing the amazing work that goes on has really inspired staff across the board.

“I would highly recommend volunteering; you get a real satisfaction and a new appreciation for life through the experience. It’s also incredibly important for charities like Havens Hospices who rely heavily on fundraising, the generosity and the kindness of their community and every volunteer that works for the charity helps ease that financial worry.”

Thinking of volunteering? Click here to learn more about volunteering for Havens Hospices.

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