“i haven’t looked back since i started volunteering at havens hospices”

01 June 2017

Len Anthony started volunteering for the Finance and Supporter Care Team at Havens Hospices in 2015.

Originally from Calcutta, India, Len moved to the UK when he was thirteen and to Rayleigh when he was twenty-two years old. Having had a successful career first in mechanical engineering and later in the bookmaking industry Len retired at the age of 62 and embarked on a new adventure; having visited every continent and over fifty countries, Len decided it was time to give back to his local community.

Len explains

“I was inspired to join Havens Hospices by my niece who volunteered for the charity at the time. I joined the Finance and Supporter Care Team and haven’t looked back since.

“I help the team by helping to maintain the supporter database, so I add new supporters or update existing information. It may not sound that exciting, but I love it, I have been retired for nearly 14 years so coming in once a week is so lovely. I really enjoy spending time with the fantastic people who work in the team and across the organisation, it’s like a big family at Havens Hospices and I love being part of the family!

“I think nowadays we really only do things to get something back, I’ve certainly been guilty of that. Through volunteering I have learnt how nice it is to do something where you don’t expect anything - the reward is certainly greater. I’d often heard the most precious thing that you can give in life is your time and I’ve found it apt to do just that in the act of volunteering.”

Jax Mcleod, Len’s supervisor said

“Supporter Care as we are now known simply could not function without our volunteers like Len and would almost certainly grind to a complete halt without them. Len, like all the volunteers, is fantastic and we love it when he comes in. The work he does could be considered boring, but is incredibly important for Havens Hospices and Len never complains about what he has to do, he really is a ray of sunshine.

“Over the course of a week the 16 volunteers work on average together 108 hours, if the volunteers stopped coming in I would have to employ at least three full time members of staff to cover the work that they do. This is an amazing amount of money saved by the loyalty and dedication of the volunteers.”

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