“being a havens hospices volunteer gives me the opportunity to give back”

01 June 2017

Mark Benham has been volunteering for the events team at Havens Hospices since January 2016.

Mark explains

“I was working for RBS a couple of years ago and they allowed me to take a week off to volunteer as part of their corporate responsibility policy. I knew Havens Hospices because I had taken part in some of their running events; so I decided to spend my week with their events team and help them organise their half marathon.

"Last January I took voluntary redundancy and because I had enjoyed my time volunteering with Judy and her team the previous year I decided to start volunteering with them on a regular basis. I work in the events team and help with a lot of the running events as I am a keen runner myself.

“My favourite thing about volunteering at Havens Hospices is definitely working with the team; everyone at the charity is so friendly it is honestly like being part of a family. We always have a bit of a laugh even when the going gets tough you can guarantee that someone will be there to help you and to make you smile.

“I worked for a London corporate for over thirty years and I never did anything for my local community in this kind of capacity, yes I have taken part in fundraising events, but I’ve never really felt like I have given back until I joined Havens. 

“I don’t think I’ll ever stop volunteering if I can help it; it’s such a positive and rewarding experience – giving your time for nothing and getting real results that make a massive difference for your community. I mean I get to be part of organising high quality events and help raise a lot of money for a cause that really does make a massive difference to my local community, which for me is reward enough.”

Jane Hopkins, Event Fundraiser said

“Mark is invaluable to us, his expertise in running means we have an ‘Ace’ in our pack when it comes to organising running events. He brings a new skillset to the team, that’s what is fantastic about all our volunteers they enhance the team that they’re in with their skills and knowledge. We wouldn’t be the team we are without volunteers like Mark.”

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