superheroes surprise families and staff at little havens hospice

04 May 2017

On Friday 28th April, The Joker and Captain Jack Sparrow joined forces with six famous DC and Marvel Superheroes including Batman and Robin to visit the families and staff at Little Havens Hospice as part of Thundersley Village’s Superhero day in aid of the hospice.  

The Joker aka Simon Foxen, owner of Simon Foxen’s Barbershop in Thundersley Village, was the brains behind the visit and the Thundersley Village Superhero event day.

Simon Foxen explained,

“I have a lot of admiration for everyone who is involved with Little Havens Hospice; I’ve been an avid fundraiser for them over the years and this year I wanted to take it to the next level. I wanted to not only raise a lot of money for the hospice, but I also wanted to create an event that the Thundersley community could be really proud of.

“Thundersley Village is very community driven so it was really easy to drum up support for celebrating Superheroes Day. I recruited some of my fellow villagers to dress up and join me on the visit to Little Havens as I really wanted to help create some magical memories for the children and their families.”

The “Super-Squad” were greeted by 14 year old Archie Turner who is a huge superhero fan and was thrilled to meet all of his favourite comic book characters especially Captain America. Archie then took the squad for a quick tour of the hospice, before introducing them to nursing staff and his Mum and Dad.

Simon said,

“Meeting Archie was an absolute pleasure, he seriously knows his stuff when it comes to superheroes! We may have been in the guises of heroes, but we were all humbled meeting Archire, his incredible parents and the amazing staff. The children, families and Little Havens staff are real-life Superheroes. I’m so glad that the Thundersley Villagers have come together to help Little Havens Hospice continue being real superheroes for children across Essex and keep ‘Making every day count’ for their patients and their families.”

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