river island gnomes find a home at little havens hospice

12 April 2017

River Island partnered up with Greenfingers and created five limited edition Gnomes to raise funds for the gardening charity in 2016.

Greenfingers worked with Little Havens Hospice in the past and helped create the current gardens at the hospice, which are now maintained by Little Havens Hospice’s groundsman Sid and our volunteer gardeners.

This week, the staff and children at Little Havens Hospice were pleasantly surprised when four gnomes turned up on their doorstep as part of River Island’s “Give a Gnome a Home” campaign.

Kat Clark, Site Support Manager at Little Havens Hospice said

“The four gnomes are fantastic and we’re sure they’ll be very happy in our gardens. We try to make sure the gardens have a variety of textures, objects, multi-sensory toys and areas to keep the children entertained when they stay with us. I’m sure “Gnome-Spotting” will become a popular pastime over the summer months!”

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