gym buddies team up for havens hospices

06 February 2017

Two gym goers took part in every fitness class at their local gym last week, a mammoth 38 classes in 6 days to raise money for Havens Hospices!

Raymond met Debz a year ago at Lifestyle Gym and became friends through their mutual love of a gym class or two and their friendship grew after discovering that they had both been touched by life limiting illnesses. Debz sadly lost her partner Lee to cancer eleven years ago, Raymond’s wife, Yvonne, was diagnosed in 2015, but is thankfully now in remission.

Debz signed up to the gym in 2014, to kick her sedentary lifestyle in to touch and Raymond joined following his wife’s diagnosis. Since joining both Debz and  Raymond have turned their health round; Debz is now 50” slimmer and Raymond has lost around six and a half stone and both are definitely generally fitter. Having achieved their fitness goals, they decided that now was the time to take on a bigger challenge and use it to raise money for Havens Hospices in memory of Lee and in recognition of Yvonne’s recovery. 

Before starting their challenge, Raymond and Debz visited Little Havens. Following their visit they were even more determined to raise vital funds for both Little Havens and Fair Havens.

Debz, a writer said,

“Being there and seeing it made it all the more real. We won’t raise thousands, maybe two or three hundred if we’re lucky…. but it all helps and it all makes a difference and we hope we will inspire others to do similar things. Hospices are about making the most of everything; of making every second count."

Debz and Raymond started their 6 day gym challenge on the 30th January and completed it this Saturday, 4th February with a final “Stretch & Burn”. They are raising money via JustGiving and collection buckets at their gym. So far they have raised nearly double their JustGiving target of £175 and are showing no signs of slowing down! 

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