havens hospices warns of bogus collections

15 September 2016

Havens Hospices is warning the community to be aware of people claiming to be collecting on behalf of the charity.

Along with some recent thefts of collection tins from its charity shops and local supporting businesses, Havens Hospices has been informed of people who appear to be fraudulently collecting money on behalf of the charity. This has been reported to the Police.

The charity’s Fundraising Director, Vanessa Longley says,
“We are lucky to have such a supportive community of fundraisers. Unfortunately, there are times when charities like us are subject to thefts and bogus fundraising activity. We take this very seriously which is why we have processes in place to help identify any fraudulent activity.

“Anyone fundraising on behalf of Havens Hospices should have a letter of authority issued by us to say they are legitimate. Any staff members, volunteers or Weekly Draw canvassers will have Havens Hospices ID badges. Anyone operating a street collection would also have to have permission from the local council, and all tins and buckets should be sealed and have our Registered Charity Number on them.

“We would like to thank our supporters for looking out for us and keeping us informed.”

To report any suspicious fundraising activity contact Havens Hospices on 01702 220350.

Contact us today on 01702 220350 or email us