a royal day out for two hospice volunteers

31 May 2016

Two of our volunteers, Bob and Margaret Harvey were nominated by Havens Hospices to represent the Hospices at the Royal Garden Party on the 10th May. 

Bob has said:

“On the day we stopped at Stuart House for pictures with Andy Smith and the Fundraising Team, then drove on to London and into The Mall where we had been allocated official parking positions. Security was understandably very tight in view of the occasion. We made our way to the rear end of Buckingham Palace, facing The Mall, which most people think is the front. Once into the area behind the wrought iron fencing, we were directed through an arch into a courtyard and then through the Palace itself, and then to the open grounds at the front of the Palace. Soon after we entered the grounds, we met up with the Mayoral party from Castle Point Council, which has Little Havens in its boundary. They were delighted that representatives from Havens Hospices had been nominated to attend. Later on we were offered tea and refreshments in a huge marquee. Later on her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II toured the grounds speaking to numerous guests, and finally entered the Royal Marquee through an assembled troop of the Yeomen of the Guard in ceremonial dress. At this point the threatened rain decided to shower us having been showered with Royal Hospitality and those of us with umbrellas were at least partly protected, but some of the guests were not so lucky. However, her majesty took pity on us and retired from the Royal Tea Tent with The Duke of Edinburgh earlier than was scheduled and we were then able to leave. The protocol dictates you do not leave the event before her Majesty.

Despite the weather it was a magnificent event and we were privileged to be invited and attend and represent Havens Hospices.

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