rocking horse trots to auction for little havens hospice

27 January 2016

A rocking horse, made by young people supported by the Motorvations Project, has been donated by John Singh, Mark Jackson and Jermaine Tapper of the Havering Early Help Service to Little Havens Hospice to auction.

The handcrafted rocking horse was presented to Little Havens Hospice in December by representatives from the Havering Early Help Service and Motorvations Project.
Young people aged 13-16 were involved in making the horse during sessions at Motorvation which provides an alternative education combining academic learning with practical skills and qualifications.
The donation was made for auction in the hope of raising up to £2,000 at an annual ball held by the hospice. Little Havens is based in Thundersley but provides care to families across the whole of Essex and Havering at the hospice and in a family’s own home.

John Singh, Family Intervention Lead at Havering Early Help Service, said,
“I have been involved with Little Havens Hospice for the past 15 years and during that time am still amazed by the dedication, kindness and care of all the staff and volunteers to enhance the quality of life to those children and their families who need support during the difficult periods of their lives. On my recent visit I was overcome with emotion and humbled by the dedication of all those providing care and helping the children to smile, laugh and enjoy life to the full. I hope that all the hard work that went into creating the rocking horse will result in significant funds raised at auction so Little Havens can continue the marvellous work they do.”

Helen Forster, Director of Care at Havens Hospices, said,
“I would like to say a big thank you to John from Havering Early Help Service and Chris from Motorvations for such a wonderful and generous donation of this beautiful rocking horse. I can see all the hard work that has gone into producing it and I also wanted to thank all the young people who worked so hard during its construction. I am confident that it will do really well at auction to help raise money for the care we provide free of charge to local families. We care for babies, children and teenagers with a life-limiting illness by controlling pain, offering respite and caring at the end of their lives.”

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