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We have the privilege of caring for many adults and their families at Fair Havens Hospice, and in the community.

Like many people, they had preconceptions of what hospice care meant. 

They have agreed to tell their story to you in the hope that it sheds some light on the reality of how hospice care can benefit families in the toughest of times, and overcome fears of what hospices are like.  

  • Angela

    angela's story

    “I’ve got the opportunity to be at Fair Havens for a few days before I die, and I’m going to ...

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  • Dawn &Alan

    dawn and alan's story

    “Fair Havens and hospice care had all been new to us with Mum, but it was such a positive experience ...

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  • Clive and Shirley

    clive's story

    “Fair Havens have time to get to know you and that just enhances the care they give you"

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  • Lydia, Mary and Paul

    mary's story

    “We were at our wits end and Fair Havens provided a real lifeline for us all.”

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  • Sue and her daughter

    sue's story

    Sue was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in March 2008. By Christmas that year her condition had deteriorated and on ...

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  • Cheryl and Fair Havens Day Hospice Nurse, Elaine

    cheryl's story

    Cheryl, 55, was diagnosed with brain cancer, secondary from breast cancer, on 8th November 2017.

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  • Ken and Barbara

    barbara's story

    In August 2016, shortly after celebrating her Golden Wedding Anniversary with husband Ken, Barbara, 71, was diagnosed with acute leukaemia. ...

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  • Annette and Dad Bill

    bill's story

    “You can’t buy this kind of care, it is priceless.”

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  • Mick and Hospice at Home Nurse Co-ordinator, Sherry.

    Mick's story

    “I really don’t know where we’d be without Fair Havens Hospice at Home.” Mick

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  • Beverly with Staff Nurse Karen

    beverley's story

    “The Care Team at Fair Havens was absolutely amazing. I didn’t think this type of care existed until I experienced ...

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  • Katie, Sue and Jessica

    sue and barbara's story

    In February 2013, Jessica’s mum Sue started experiencing severe stomach pain. The following month Doctors found a large tumour on ...

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  • A Fair Havens Day Care patient with his wife

    dan's story

    39 year old Dan Knight lives in Leigh-on-Sea with his wife Sarah, and two daughters, Eloisa, 8 and Imogen, 6. ...

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  • Barbara and Andrew Newman

    barbara and andrew's story

    In 2010 Caroline Newman’s mum, Barbara, was diagnosed with cancer in her nose. Shortly after a tumour was found in ...

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  • A Fair Havens relative with his son at the beach

    sue's story

    Sue Coyston was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder in March 2013. She spent the last few days of her ...

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