ellie's story

Ellie was three when she died at home in her sleep on 16th December last year. She was taken to the Woodland Suite at Little Havens Hospice where she stayed until the day of her funeral. 

Her mum Nicola says,

“When we got to Little Havens they were so lovely. We spoke to one of the nurses about how to tell Ellie’s brother Joseph, who was five at the time. That really helped us in knowing what to say because he struggled to start with. There were Christmas trees everywhere and if they had an angel on top he’d say “I don’t want to look at that” because he said it reminded him of Ellie. He went into the Woodland Suite a couple of times and spoke to her, and he drew a picture which he put on her bed. We wouldn’t have known how to handle anything like that without Little Havens.”

“As the anniversary of losing Ellie approaches in many ways it’s hard to believe that she has been gone nearly a year. It has been a difficult year, each occasion reminding us of what we did on that day with Ellie last year. We have accepted that Ellie is gone and now there are more smiles than tears when we look at photos or have a memory of the many happy times we shared together.

“Roy and I have discussed it many times and for all the pain and sadness we experienced when Ellie was very ill and in this past year, we wouldn’t change anything as it is all far outweighed by having had such a beautiful, happy girl in our lives, albeit for such a short while. We’re so glad to have known our Ellie Bells and we will light a candle to shine bright for her this Christmas and every one after.”

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