What is it like volunteering at Havens Hospices while being a student?

If it wasn’t for volunteers Havens Hospices would not be able to provide palliative nursing and support care to adults and children with complex or incurable conditions free of charge.

Zandra is currently studying her A levels and is also a Young Ambassador for Havens Hospices in the Marketing Department. She said, “Eventful, professional and welcoming are the three words I would describe my time as a Havens Hospices Young Ambassador. It was not what I was expecting to say the least, I thought I would find some difficulty in balancing my extra curriculums and revision. But from the moment you join the team, they ask what times would suit you and work around that.

“Depending on the roles you apply for, it differs how many times you might want to come in. For example, I come in during the school holidays for four hours. However, sometimes I came in every fortnight for two hours too since I would like to spend more time assisting with campaign.

“Don’t worry, it does not feel like a duty but a more of a fun club I join during the holidays. Although I was anxious on my first day, they have been so welcoming that my worried self slowly went away.

“The Young Ambassador project has improved me understand of how a professional marketing team would carry out events and campaigns. I would say, it has helped me stand out a little brighter in my CV application. As it showcased my soft skills such as organisation.

“It really has been a delight working here, it has been both fun and educating.”

If like Zandra, you are a student but would like to volunteer to enhance your CV why not sign up as an occasional volunteer. Click here for more information.

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Zandra taking photos in the kitchen