Summer Canal Trip for Little Havens Children

Children cared for by a local hospice enjoyed a summer trip along an Essex canal, thanks to a charity that makes the experience accessible.

Across three days last week, Little Havens took 10 children along the River Stort, through Harlow and Roydon on a boat provided by CanalAbility. The fully-accessible vessel had a ramp and lift for wheelchair users, and disabled changing facilities.

The children spent the trip experiencing the different senses – the different colours on the trees, the feel of the breeze and sounds of the water. They came across wildlife too like ducks, geese and swans.

The crew even made it possible for the children to go on the top deck and steer the boat, whilst the Care Team helped with opening and closing the locks.

Lauren Summers is a Senior Nurse at Little Havens. She says, “The canal trip has been wonderful for the children to experience. In addition to being so accessible for our children to take part, it also provided a great sensory experience – the sounds of the water, the smell of the fuel, feeling the breeze of the wind and the sights of the wildlife.

“The slow pace of the boat really enabled the children to get the most out of the activity and it has been truly interactive for all of the children.”

The trip was made possible thanks to a donation from ArgoGlobal, a London based insurance company that has adopted Havens Hospices as its ‘Charity of the Year.’

Little Havens is part of Havens Hospices, a charity that provides palliative and supportive care completely free of charge. This is only possible thanks to kind donations made by the local community.

Published 18th August 2021

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