Student Support Recognised by Local Charity

Students from schools that have been raising money for Little Havens Hospice have been given the chance to see for themselves the impact their support has made.

On Tuesday 25th March, pupils from five schools across south Essex visited Little Havens in Thundersley to look around the hospice, meet members of the Care Team and work on an upcoming campaign for Children’s Hospice Week.

The charity asked them to think about the theme, ‘Moments that Matter’ and how Little Havens makes every moment count for the children and families that visit the hospice. They created a social media post to illustrate this and dispel the myths that surround children’s hospices.

One of the pupils, Juliette from Basildon Lower Academy, said,

“The best part about visiting the hospice was seeing that the children won’t think it is a sad, unhappy place because it is so bright and colourful.”

As well as Basildon Lower Academy, the other schools that visited were Westering’s Primary in Hockley, Chalkwell Primary School in Leigh, Coopers Company and Coburn School in Upminster and Brentwood School. In total they had raised more than £41,000.

Kerry Snode from the Fundraising Team at Havens Hospices said,

“It was so uplifting to see the students enthusiastic and engaged in the hospice. They have all been so committed to raising money for the charity, so for them to see first-hand how their donations are being spent was really important to them.”

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