Spa Day For Little Havens Siblings

Four families cared for by Little Havens were treated to a pamper session at Lila’s Spa based in Chalkwell. They enjoyed an afternoon of VIP treatment, receiving facials, glitter body art as well as having manicures. There was even a special appearance from Disney Princess Ariel.

One family who enjoyed the experience was six-year-old Pippa Smith and her mum Vickie Wallace.

Pippa’s younger brother Theo, five, was born prematurely with five serious heart defects and underdeveloped lungs. He had multiple operations as a baby and spent over a year of his life in hospital. Pippa has also spent much of her life in hospitals and attending appointments with her seriously ill brother. In 2017 the family were referred to Little Havens.

Mum Vickie, from Benfleet said, “The afternoon at Lila’s spa was an amazing treat for Pippa and she loved every moment. It gave her the chance to be a normal six-year-old where all the attention was on her. It was the best day giving us the opportunity to just be mummy and daughter – something we rarely get because of Theo’s complex conditions. For the first time in a while, Pippa wasn’t worried about her brother or trying to look out for him, she was able to be herself. The surprise visit from Princess Ariel was just the cherry on top for her.

“Little Havens also gives us the chance to spend time with Pippa without having to worry about Theo and what he may need. During Theo’s respite, we can have days out together knowing Theo is safe and also having fun. The hospice has opened our world and given us amazing experiences such as pantomimes and circus trips for the whole family.”

The care that Theo, Pippa, Vickie and all the family receives from Little Havens is completely free of charge, because of the kind donations made by the local community.

Published 1st April 2022

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