Loved Marvel Character 3D model up for grabs in aid of children’s hospice charity

A local business has decided to raffle off its two well-loved ‘Groot’ 3D printed models in aid of its local children’s hospice charity.

A local business has decided to raffle off its two well-loved ‘Groot’ 3D printed models in aid of its local children’s hospice charity.

Tim Kay from Southend based business 3D FilaPrint which provides 3D printing supplies and services, is asking fans of the well-known Marvel character make a donation to Little Havens on his online crowd funding page to be in with a chance of winning the models.

The larger model of the Guardians of the Galaxy character is 8 ft tall and is made from 30 spools and 9,750 metres of Biodegradable plastic. It took 1500 hours of 3D printing and 10 hours of hand painting by the talented Georgina Frier.

Tim explains how the ‘Groots’ came to life: “In early 2019 we decided to embark on a project that would make use of some 3D printing plastics we had on stock, which may otherwise have ended up in landfill. Although the plastic material itself is made from corn starch and would eventually bio-degrade, we decided to make use of the plastic, bring it back to life and the idea of ‘Groot’ was born. We came across a small online digital version of ‘Groot’ last year that had been created and though it would be great to try and recreate something similar with 3D print on a much larger scale.

“As a business we have already sponsored other large projects, such as the World’s Tallest 3D printed person by James Bruton and a 3D Photogrammetry display in Heathrow’s Terminal 5 by Henry Reichold.

He added, “Although we only completed them last year, they did get to travel around with us on several displays and exhibitions across the country and when they are not impressing visitors at shows they usually stand outside our unit in Carlton Court, Grainger Road.  The models have also been a big hit with the children from the school down the road to our unit- they are excited to see them outside when they walk past on their way from school and several people have asked for their photos with them.

“We thought it would be great to fundraise by offering the wonderful models to anyone who is interested and put the money to a very worthwhile cause. Several years ago, my wife and I owned a computer repair company and when we closed the business, we sold off the remaining stock and gave the proceeds to Little Havens.

“Every pound someone donates will equate to one entry in the draw – the more you donate the more chance you have of winning.”

Jane Hopkins Voluntary Income Area Team Leader said, “When Tim first approached Havens Hospices with the idea of selling his 3D printed models of Groot, we were honoured that he wanted to donate such a unique and creative piece of art to raise money for Little Havens. I know this will be a hit with our supporters especially the Marvel fans who collect this type of memorabilia.

“We can’t thank Tim enough for his generous fundraising – Our hospice care can only exist because of the support and generosity from the community.”

The final day to donate and be entered into the draw is Thursday 28th May 2020. To donate and to be with the chance of winning these unique 3D models visit, The lucky winner will be announced on Friday 29th May.



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