Local family ‘Pay for a Day’ at Fair Havens in memory of mother

A local family have paid for a day of specialist care at Fair Havens Hospice in Prittlewell after raising £6,000 in memory of their mother.

Mark Dobson from Leigh and his sister Jo Knight donated over £6,000 to cover the cost of a day of care on Friday 22nd April at the hospice which was close to the heart of his mother, Teresa Dobson.

Teresa from Rochford was an avid supporter of the charity and attended many fundraising events with her family.

The family was welcomed to the hospice on their chosen date, met by the charity’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Smith and Director of Care Ellie Miller. They were given a tour of the hospice so they could see first-hand how their mother’s legacy is making a positive difference to local families.

The £6,000 donation was raised through collections in Teresa’s memory after her death in January 2021. The charity suggested that the amount could cover a day of care at Fair Havens, and the family knew this would be the perfect tribute to their mother.

Mark said, “Paying for a day of care at the hospice was the most fitting tribute to our beautiful mum and she would have been proud of the funds raised in her memory. We know she would have felt an immense sense of pride, that her life meant so much to so many and that in her passing she was able to support an incredible charity who delivered exceptional care in the most challenging of circumstances during the pandemic.”

‘Pay for a Day’ is a way of supporting 24 hours of care at either Fair Havens in Prittlewell or Little Havens in Thundersley. It costs Havens Hospices around £6,000 per day per hospice to provide care for all the patients using the charity’s specialist services free of charge.

This includes the cost of nurses, carers and support staff like cooks and housekeepers. It also takes into consideration the cost of running the building like utility bills as well as medical and personal care supplies. By sponsoring a specific date, the charity can ensure that the donation pays for the care that is given within the chosen hospice during those 24 hours.

To find out more, visit www.havenshospices.org.uk/payforaday

Published 4th May 2022

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