Hospice Charity Celebrates International Nurses Day

A local hospice charity has been celebrating those who deliver front-line care as part of global celebrations for International Nurses Day on May 12th.

Havens Hospices, which includes Fair Havens Hospice, Little Havens Hospice and The J’s Hospice, thanked nursing staff for their dedication and the care they provide to children, adults and young people with life-limiting illnesses and their families every day in the home, in the community and at the two hospices.

Director of Care, Ellie Miller, wrote to every Nurse and Nursing Assistant to personally thank them for their dedication and commitment to the charity. She said,

“On the first visit I undertook to the hospices, I witnessed the wholeness and integrity of Nursing care which was familiar to me, and that had been key to my values and drive as a Nurse. I recognised immediately what existed when I was a ward Nurse – teamwork, courage, bravery, resilience, patient-focused care, time, honesty and humility. All the reasons I became a Nurse. If I saw those things, I was comforted and reassured that is what our patients and families see too.”

At Fair Havens, the Nurses and Nursing Assistant spent time thinking about what they loved about nursing and working at the hospice as part of the celebrations; Nursing Assistant Alex Trim, explained

“The minute I walked through the door at Fair Havens I knew I wanted to work here. You get to meet lots of different people and work with families and patients, supporting them and being there for them during a really difficult time in their lives. It is the best job in the world.”

Little Havens Deputy Ward Sister, Lauren Summers, added

“I really feel that because we’re quite a small organisation I’m not a number, I’m somebody who matters, whoever I bump into in the corridor knows my name, knows what I do and I feel like I’m part of that wider team.”

Caroline Hare, Clinical Team Leader at The J’s, she works out in the community with young adults. She said

“Working at The J’s Hospice is the only environment where I have been able to offer proper holistic care, giving support to people’s health, social, spiritual and psychological wellbeing.

“Our young adults may have ‘bucket lists’: they might want to go to the beach or see a particular film before they die. At The J’s Hospice, we really try to facilitate those things, not just in their healthcare but also in the terms of what they’ve achieved as young adults in their shortened lives.”

If you would like to find out more information about joining Havens Hospices nursing team please click here [https://www.havenshospices.org.uk/nurses] to read and watch testimonials from existing staff and send a question to the charity’s Director of Care, Ellie.

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