Government Support for Hospice Sector Welcomed by Havens Hospices

A £200 million ‘rescue package’ for hospices across the UK responding to the Coronavirus emergency has been welcomed by Havens Hospices, but the charity says it still needs the support of local communities.

On Wednesday 8th April, the Government announced the funding to help hospices support the NHS by providing their usual end of life care, but also care for patients with complex medical and social needs who need to be discharged from hospital – a measure that Havens Hospices has already implemented and is working with local hospitals and CCG’s across Essex to relive pressure from their acute wards.

It’s not yet known how much of this funding Havens Hospices will receive. Hospice UK – the umbrella charity that represents UK hospices – negotiated the agreement and will work with the NHS to distribute the funds as soon as possible.

Steve Smith, Chief Executive of Havens Hospices, says, “It’s heartening to see the importance of hospice care recognised by the government and the contribution we’re making towards protecting the NHS to save lives. For our Nursing, Medical and Support Teams on the frontline at both Fair Havens, Little Havens and in the community, it’s a relief to know that they can still provide essential hospice care for the immediate future.

“We are still waiting to hear how Havens Hospices can benefit from this announcement. All of our upcoming public fundraising events have been cancelled so we hope the grant will help reduce some of the pressure our charity was facing regarding income.

“It’s still vital that our local community continues their kind and generous support as it ensures we can continue supporting the NHS, caring for patients at the end of their lives and supporting their families.”

The income of Havens Hospices is starting to decline because of the cancellation and postponement of public fundraising events such as the Southend Half Marathon, and future donations are still unstable as people start to feel the economic impact of the Coronavirus. However, loyal supporters of Havens Hospices are taking part in some safe but fun ways to still raise money for its essential hospice care.

For example, dozens of people are already taking part in the charity’s ‘Bare Your Roots’ campaign to be proud of their natural hair and donate the cost of a usual visit to the hairdresser or barber. There has been an increase of people signing up to give small, monthly donations and become a ‘Special Friend’ to Havens Hospices. A virtual quiz will be launched in the next week.

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