Give a Gift of Kindness this Easter to support local hospice care

Havens Hospices is asking the community to consider buying a gift with a difference this Easter.

The charity has introduced ‘Gift of Kindness’ which will not only be a meaningful gift to a loved one but will also make a life-changing difference to families the local hospices care for.

Purchasing this type of gift is also an alternative way to support the hospices during the Easter period where they are fortunate enough to be inundated with generous amounts of chocolate Easter Egg donations from kind supporters every year.

Judy Grocott, Head of Fundraising at Havens Hospices says: “Easter is a time when our fantastic supporters often want to give generously to the hospices by donating chocolate eggs, but unfortunately many of our patients are unable to eat them.

“Whilst we donate some of the eggs we receive to siblings and parents we support, we do receive an excessive amount of chocolate eggs at Easter. If you would like to show your support for your local hospice this time of year please consider purchasing one of the charity’s ‘Gifts of Kindness’. This way we can ensure the people we care for can get involved and celebrate Easter in other ways, like making Easter crafts and cards with our Care Team or enjoying an Easter themed Music Therapy session.”

For more information and to buy a ‘Gift of Kindness’, visit

Published 12th April 2022

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Siblings holding up their Easter Egg Crafts