Essex Hospice Charity Take Part In National Campaign

An Essex charity which cares for adults, children, young people with complex and incurable conditions and their families have been highlighting ‘What it Takes’ to provide hospice care as part of a nationwide campaign.

Havens Hospices, which includes Fair Havens Hospice, Little Havens Hospice and The J’s Hospice joined forces with Hospice UK for their nationwide awareness campaign – Hospice Care Week (7th – 13th October 2019) – to highlight what hospice care involves and also thank supporters for helping them continue ‘Making every day count’ for everyone who needs them.

The theme for this year’s Hospice Care Week was ‘What it Takes’, celebrating all the different ways that staff, volunteers and supporters help to provide free, specialist care for as long as it is needed. As part of their celebrations staff from across Havens Hospices recorded messages that demonstrate what it takes to provide more than 70,000 hours of care to over 850 adults, children and young people across Essex at home, in the community and at the two hospices.

The charity’s Wellbeing Team support over 1200 patients and their family members every year across their hospice service – through counselling, children and carer support and therapeutic groups, social work and welfare benefits advice, complementary and creative therapies and spiritual care.

Havens Hospices also highlighted how hospice care can only exist because of the support and generosity of the community, from 565 collection tins that are placed in cafes, shops, pubs and other businesses across the county to 5,800 people who take part in the charity’s various events.

They also thanked volunteers who give up more than 4,000 hours every week and the 72 teams of corporate volunteers who have worked hard in the Fair Havens and Little Havens gardens such as Ford Dunton Technical Centre who recently installed a brand new fully accessible trampoline.

Ellie Miller, Director of Care at Havens Hospices said “I am so proud of everyone across the charity who help us provide quality hospice care. Hospice Care is about supporting and empowering families to experience the best of life whilst managing complex symptoms and care at the end of life. We support not only the patient but also the wider family. Sometimes this means direct specialist Nursing Care, sometimes a listening ear, sometimes helping families to navigate the welfare system or providing support to a family after the death of their loved one. This is a whole team approach from our huge team of not only nurses and doctors but also counsellors, music and creative therapists, social workers, spiritual care staff, catering teams, housekeeping staff, and 100s of volunteers who help us deliver this wrap around care.

“Our Hospice services are funded mainly by you, our local community, and we are so grateful for your contributions. Your generosity means that we can be there for as long as we’re needed. You help fundraise thousands of pounds or give up your time every week, which helps us deliver palliative and holistic support to adults, children and young people ensuring their wellbeing is at the centre of their care and their families. Thank you.”

From volunteering to fundraising your way there are plenty of ways that you can help Havens Hospices do ‘What it Takes’ so that they can provide hospice care across Essex. Whether you take part in one of the charity’s events, organise your own fundraiser or simply making a donation or shop in one of their 23 shops you will truly be ‘Making every day count’ for everyone who is cared for by them. To find out more about how you can support Havens Hospices please click here.

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