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'nanny garden'

Tommy was two months old when his Nanny, Sue, died at Fair Havens Hospice, and she is still very much at the heart of family life. There are photos of Sue around the house and she has a small pebble garden planted with a rose bush at the local cemetery, which the family visit often.
Tommy calls her his ‘Nanny Garden’ and likes to release balloons into the sky for her.

“Every time there’s a balloon Tommy will say, ‘Nanny. Sky.’ He’ll hold on tight to it and won’t let it go until he’s given it a kiss.

Mum wanted to see me become a Dad, she knew I was desperate for a boy and I think it's why she hung on for so long. We talk to Tommy about her every day, we don’t ever want him to forget her.

When he's a bit older he's going to ask me about her, he’s a bright kid. He’ll probably ask where she is, why she has a garden and why he can’t see her like his other Nanny.

I’ll be honest with him, that’s just how I am. I’ll sit down and talk to him about it.  I’ll explain that Nanny wasn’t well. I'll tell him how much he's been cheated by not having her around, she would have been an amazing Nanny.

She would have been there watching him play football or rugby, just like she did with me. He's missed out on that. I’ll tell him that she’s always looking after him, whenever he needs her, he just needs to look up at the sky and talk to her, and she’ll be there for him.”

Today is the second anniversary of Sue’s death. We are sharing this with the family’s blessing, in her memory.

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