the joyce family

The Joyce Family - Mark, photo of Sam, Ben, William, Katie and Banjo the dog

'happy memories'

Sam’s big brother Ben was only four years old when Sam died at Little Havens aged 20 months. This photo was taken just after Ben showed us a special book the family had made in Sam’s memory. A picture of Sam around 8 months old, smiling joyfully with chocolate smeared around his face, is just one of the many happy images in the book.

“It’s difficult to explain but I like the photo because it’s fun, I find it funny. He’s smiling and I just laugh when I look at it. That’s why it’s my favourite,” says Ben.

Ben now comes to ‘The Inbetweeners’ which is one of the charity’s sibling support groups for boys aged approximately 10-14. Ben says it’s helped him because,

“At first I was nervous but then I was happy because I could make friends there. I look forward to all the great things we can do like swimming and rapping. We’ve been training at Southend football ground and I took part in Firebreak too.”

Like most young children, Ben didn’t really know what death was when Sam died so Little Havens gave his parents some books to help him to understand what happened. They can be a really useful tool to help children talk about their feelings after someone has died.

This list includes books we have found to be very usual when supporting children and young people at Havens Hospices.

You can view the list of Books for Special Situations here.

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