moments of comfort

Hands praying over a bible

The Chaplaincy team at Havens Hospices visit patients at Fair Havens, Little Havens and in the community, whether they have a faith or not. 

Chaplain John says,
We get different faiths and denominations come into the hospices and it’s about appreciating where people are at. Often some patients may feel frightened, about leaving their family and loved ones. I was with a lady in the final moments of her life and I said to her “don’t be frightened” – we try to bring comfort at those moments.
“We say prayers and read bible verses in patient’s bedrooms or they may come to the Chapel to pray but it is all patient led. Some don’t want to talk to you and that’s ok too.  

“One of the biggest things is about supporting them in whatever way you can; from reading the newspaper to doing a cross word or just listening to them. That includes relatives and friends too, they may want to speak to you one on one about their grief or together as a family. We’re there for them whatever to provide a listening ear. 

“It’s a great honour and privilege, being a Chaplain.”

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