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Coronavirus updates

Here you can find the latest updates on everything that we are doing to provide a safe place for children, young people and families during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Thank you to all the families who completed and asked questions during our Coronavirus survey, you can view the results to the survey here. 

We understand that the current situation around Coronavirus can be unsettling for our families, so want to do all we can to reassure you.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the Little Havens Care Team on 01702 552 200 


Update for Little Havens families – 10th July

We hope to reassure families that we are doing everything that we can to provide a safe place for children, young people and families during the coronavirus pandemic. We are taking the following steps to help ensure this is the case.

  •  We are currently open to symptom management and end of life care; you may be aware of families accessing the building, we ask parents to access their child’s room using the external bedroom doors.
  • Staff are not to come to work if they show any symptoms of Covid-19. They are asked to take the necessary steps to follow the government guidelines and take part in the test track and trace system.
  • Likewise, if any Little Havens families show any symptoms of Covid-19 then they are asked to cancel their session and stay at home.
  • Staff change into their uniforms once they are at work and change again at the end of the day before going home.
  • On arrival families will be greeted by reception staff and will be signed in. Reception staff have plexiglass shielding around the reception area and will wear face coverings if leaving the reception desk.
  • Alcohol hand gel is available in several areas of reception. We encourage visitors to use this on arrival.
  • Thorough cleaning is constantly being carried out throughout the hospice. Housekeeping staff have specific guidelines to follow regarding Covid-19 as well as their usual rigorous cleaning regime.
  • Most of the hospice is sectioned off to minimise the risk of contamination.
  • Families using the garden will be seen into the main door by a host from the Care Team, this includes familiar faces from both our in house and community (EPIC) Care Teams. They will show you straight into the garden area where you will have activities set up under a gazebo for some shelter and have use of parts of the garden.
  • Currently only two families will have access to the garden at one time in the sessions available. We ask that social distancing is maintained throughout the visit in accordance with government guidelines. Staff will be on hand to advise you and guide you.
  • Sadly, we are unable to provide ‘hands on’ care. Staff will also be available to facilitate
    refreshments; show you to the changing areas/toilets and gather your picnic lunch or tea as required. They will also facilitate some activities.
  • Staff will wear appropriate PPE when necessary and maintain social distancing. Families should bring their own PPE and use this as they feel necessary.
  • Before, during, between visits and after staff will be cleaning equipment that is used and all activities will be single use or be washable items, that can be washed using appropriate detergents effective in killing the virus

We hope that these sessions enable families to access the gardens in a safe way and keep in touch with the Care Team whilst community and in-house respite is not available.

Katie White, Head of Children’s services

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Our Wellbeing Team have produced downloadable resources to help you during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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