respite care

respite care can be provided at our in patient unit at fair havens hospice and also in your own home.

fair havens - in patient unit

The In Patient Unit at Fair Havens Hospice is a ten bed specialist hospice care unit, set in a large converted house, very close to the seafront in Chalkwell with a relaxed atmosphere.

The aim of the hospice is to provide specialist and personalised care in a holistic manner to people affected by a life-limiting or life-threatening illness together with their families, carers and friends.

what we offer

A patient’s length of stay is usually between seven to ten days and could be for one of the following reasons:

Symptom Control

  • Patients may have physical symptoms proven difficult to control such as pain, nausea or breathlessness. They may also have spiritual or emotional symptoms requiring intervention and support. Medications are sometimes changed to help with specific symptoms and the effects are closely monitored.


  • This includes short term relief for carers and is for one week, but patients can be considered for repeat respite care as the need arises.

hospice at home

Hospice at Home can provide care at times of crisis to prevent unwanted and unnecessary admission to hospital, and support a discharge from hospital by providing support at home.

They also offer planned respite care during the day and/or night to support patients, families and carers in keeping their loved ones at home if this is their wish.

Hospice at Home provide bereavement support to carers by telephone and the opportunity to attend the 'Caring & Sharing’ Support Group

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