what is counselling?

Counselling is an opportunity for you to explore your feelings, thoughts, memories or whatever is foremost in your mind.

Counselling can be a challenging process and people’s reactions may vary. Sometimes people feel relief at sharing their feelings and exploring their grief. Others may feel unsettled as they discuss difficult issues.

what will I need to do?

Once you start counselling you will meet your counsellor weekly for a 50 minute session. Your appointment will usually be at the same time each week. It is important that you are punctual because being late means you will spend less time with your counsellor.

In the first instance we offer up to six counselling sessions. Your counsellor will discuss with you if it will be beneficial for you to have further sessions. Because we don’t want to be interrupted or have any distractions during our session, we ask that all clients turn off their mobile phone beforehand.

After your counselling sessions are completed, we will give you an evaluation form. Your comments and feedback help us to develop our service in the future.

are the counselling sessions in confidence?

Our aim is to provide a suitable environment in which you may share your personal experiences. Understanding the limits of confidentiality is an important step in forming a trusting relationship with your counsellor.

During your initial meeting, confidentiality boundaries will be established. Your counsellor will reiterate these boundaries at your first meeting. In the unlikely event that you reveal information that leads your counsellor to believe that either you or other people are in danger, they may be required to share this information with a third party. Whenever possible, this is discussed with you first.

Finally, your counsellor will be working within an organisation that has codes of ethics and practice which ensure that our clients receive confidentiality and the highest standards of care.

do I need to pay?

Our counselling sessions are provided free of charge. However, as a charity, donations are welcome.

what if I need to cancel?

Your counsellor will agree appointment times with you in advance. If you are unable to attend an appointment it is important that you let us know as soon as possible, preferably giving us 24 hours notice.

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