family support team

about the family support team

We are a team of Counsellors, Social Workers, Benefits Adviser and trained volunteers who provide talking, listening and practical support to people who use the hospice, or who come into contact with our community nursing services. 

who we can help

When someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, it can have a huge impact on them and the people who are close to them.  We are available to help them find their way in the difficult times ahead and if required support them with the sad and difficult conversations they may need to have with family and friends. If the people they care about need support, we are available for them too. When someone special and important dies we are there to offer the support and guidance that their loved ones often need.

what we offer

Benefits Adviser

Illness can cause many financial difficulties to patients and their families.  Our adviser can ease this worry by identifying benefits that may be applicable and assist with applying for entitlement as lengthy forms can sometimes be overwhelming.  Benefits change throughout a patients journey and our adviser can be called upon to support them and their families for as long as they require.

Bereavement Support

All of us at some point in our lives will be bereaved of a loved one. Most of us manage this difficult time with support of family and friends. However, some of us need a bit of extra support from someone outside the family who is not so emotionally involved.  For those, we offer a listening ear from one of our trained volunteers and various groups for people who want to share their grief journey with others who may be experiencing similar difficulties to themselves.  

However, some people’s grieving is more complex and for those we offer one to one counselling which is provided for a short time while people find their way through a mix of emotions which maybe affecting their journey through grief.

Support for Carers

Our Carers Co-ordinator takes a special interest in the family members most involved in caring for our patients. We aim to ensure that carers’ views are at the centre of activities designed to support them and that services provided are available to carers irrespective of gender, race, ability or religion.

Social work support

Sometimes people need support when dealing with Social Services, housing departments, Benefits Agency and other officials and our Social Worker is there to help. She will also help patients returning home from a stay in the hospice to ensure that they receive the care and support they need, or those living at home with a life threatening illness. 

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