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Fair Havens Hospice is part of Havens Hospices. As a charity, we provide specialist care for adults with life-limiting illnesses and their family. 

in patient unit

The In Patient Unit at Fair Havens is a 10-bedded specialist unit that provides holistic care to patients requiring complex symptom control, psychological support and care at the end of their life. 

Patients are cared for by a multi-disciplinary team including nurses, doctors, social worker, spiritual care workers, chefs, therapists, family support staff and volunteers.

We all work together to achieve what is best suited to the needs of the individual and their family. The In Patient Unit is located in a large converted house, close to the seafront.

day care

Our Day Care Centre is a friendly, relaxed and supportive environment for people who need help enhancing their independence and quality of life.

A whole range of services are on offer through Day Care including practical and emotional support, creative therapy, complementary therapies, infusions, counselling and medical advice.

It gives patients a chance to socialise and have a home-cooked meal. 

hospice at home

Hospice at Home can provide care at times of crisis to prevent unwanted and unnecessary admission to hospital, and support a discharge from hospital by providing support at home.  They also offer planned respite care during the day and/or night to support patients, families and carers in keeping their loved ones at home if this is their wish.

family support

The team consists of Social Workers responsible for the well-being of patients and their carers.  Our Benefits Advisor is on hand to give advice with finances and our Counsellors provide talking and listening support for our patients and their families.

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