The Need

Every month, we turn away 11 people because the beds are not available for them.

Fair Havens Hospice is too small to care for the number of patients who need specialist care, and is struggling to comply with statutory guidelines and requirements for modern hospice care.

If nothing is done, there is a real risk that Fair Havens Hospice will have to close its doors and there will be no other place in South East Essex that is wholly dedicated to providing hospice care.

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The need

The Vision

Our vision is to offer a choice to people facing an illness that cannot be cured – a choice of where to be cared for, how to be cared for and where they want to die.

We have the opportunity to create a larger, modern hospice in Southend that can care for twice as many patients, offer more treatments and support more families in a welcoming and therapeutic environment which contrasts with the stark, clinical atmosphere many people want to avoid at the end of their lives.

It will incorporate 16 in-patient bedrooms, increased Day Hospice services, additional family support and beautifully landscaped gardens and grounds.


Our Fundraising Appeal

Will you take the next step with us and help us to secure the future of our local hospice?

We have a range of ways you can help to support the new adult hospice. From spreading the word and talking to your friends and family about the project to a one-off donation, or fundraising and raising money towards the build.

We've got some ideas to get you started!