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Latest Update - 24th December 2021

During the Covid pandemic Havens Hospices has been able to provide more flexible visiting arrangements than many other health and care services.

This can only work with the support and cooperation of patients, friends and families. In order to continue our approach, it is very important that the following rules are followed and please understand that individual nurses cannot make exceptions so please respect them.

Anyone abusing or threatening staff will not be allowed into the building.

Numbers of visitors

There is now a flexible visiting approach in place at Fair Havens. The nurse in charge has the discretion to restrict visiting at any time to maintain the safety of the In Patient Unit.

Visiting process at Fair Havens

All visitors will undergo a Covid symptom questionnaire and temperature check. Anyone with a temperature of 37.8 or above will not be allowed entry.

Visitors/relatives will be asked to do a lateral flow test on a daily basis and will be asked to provide evidence of their lateral flow tests when entering the building. Details can be found on the government website.

When in the building, visitors may use the Bistro, Lounge and the Sanctuary if they wish, unless the patient they are visiting has Covid. 

Little Havens

At Little Havens, all children over the age of 2 - plus families/carers - will require a negative Covid lateral flow test before entering the care floor. This can take place at Little Havens when you arrive. Alternatively, you may complete this at home if you have home tests available, then show the result to the Care Team on arrival.


I have recently tested positive for Covid. Can I still visit?
Unfortunately not as this increases the risk of spreading the infection to others, and you must isolate for the required period of time.

I have had a vaccine, do I still need to be screened with a Covid symptom questionnaire and temperature check?
Yes, although the vaccine offers protection it is still possible to contract and spread Covid after a vaccine. That is why we all still follow the rules about social distancing, mixing and handwashing even if we and family members have been vaccinated.

If I have had COVID, do I still need to be tested?
We encourage all visitors to the hospice to undergo regular self-testing, even if they have previously been diagnosed with Covid.

Can I visit at a window and not come into the building?
No – we cannot support window visits.  The site is secure and it would take staff away from caring for patients to escort visitors around the outside of the buildings.

I have recently returned from foreign travel. Can I visit?
You must wait until the results of your two day PCR test. If negative, you are able to visit.

The patient has Covid, am I still allowed to visit?
You will still be allowed to visit and will be provided with PPE to make it as safe as possible. You will need to stay within the patient room and not visit other areas of the hospice.

You will be helped to put on and remove the PPE safely. However, despite precautions you will still have a slightly higher risk of contracting Covid:

  • As PPE is worn, the visitor does not need to self-isolate afterwards as a result of the visit
  • However, visitors must also:
    • stay at least two metres away from others as they enter and leave the setting and avoid touching any surfaces
    • enter and leave the building as quickly as possible using the most direct route
    • avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands
    • cover any coughs or sneezes with a tissue, then throw the tissue in a bin
    • wash their hands again with soap and water for at least 20 seconds when they are leaving the setting and then again as soon as they get home
    • follow stay at home guidance if they become unwell.

The nurse in charge always has the responsibility for maintaining a safe environment and in exceptional circumstances may have to restrict visiting further.  

Thank you for helping us keep everyone at Havens Hospices as safe as possible.

Ellie Miller, Director of Care and Executive Nurse

If anyone receiving care from Havens Hospices has concerns or questions, they can contact 01702 220 350 or email us.


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