Skylar painting on her mum's face laughing

Skylar’s story

Two-year-old Skylar has cystic fibrosis that affects her lungs and pancreas. Her morning and evening routines consists of nebulisers, physiotherapy, syringed medication and tablet medication.

The family’s visits to Little Havens Hospice have made a big difference to both Skylar and her mum, Sam.

“I always thought Little Havens was for end of life care. I didn’t realise it was for children with longer-term illnesses too.

“I was finding things hard, so I decided to have a look around Little Havens. Everyone was lovely; the hospice was so calming and inviting, and nothing was too much trouble. Even having someone make you a cup of tea – this is nice.”

“Going home at the end of the first visit having been able to sit down and have time to relax – it was lovely. Life can be overwhelming sometimes but having other people to help you out is amazing.

Sam wants more people to understand the immense benefits the hospice gives to both children and their families.

“I’d like people to think about the hospice as somewhere for parents and children to go to have a break. To come away from everything you face when you have a child with a disability and just be who you want to be and do stuff without people judging you.”

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Published in 2020

It’s a place to come away from everything you face on a daily basis when you have a child with a disability and just be who you want to be.

Sam, Skylar's Mum