Rob’s story

Rob's story

Rob, 28, was diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was two years old. He had an operation to remove it but the tumour returned when he was 13 and again five years ago, requiring further surgery both times.

The scar tissue from these operations restricted the movement of his spinal fluid so Rob had to have another operation to remove this blockage in 2013. This left him with a speech impediment and problems with movement and balance. He also suffers from frequent, severe headaches. It was during this time when he turned to The J’s Hospice for help.

“After my operation I wasn’t in a good place and The J’s Hospice was a breath of fresh air! My dedicated J’s Nurse is extremely knowledgeable and has spoken up for me on many occasions. When we’re together in a meeting with a doctor, she asks the right questions for me and checks that I understand what’s being said which is so helpful.

“The J’s Hospice fills a gap – other charities help the very young or very old but The J’s do other things that they don’t. Their social groups have given me the chance to meet new people and enjoy different activities. I like helping the other young people there too. I encourage them to participate and I’ll get the carers a cup of tea. I definitely appreciate the social side.

“When they visit me at home, we go out for a coffee if I’m feeling okay, which I really enjoy. It has helped me to build up my confidence and now I go out more with my parents and occasionally by myself. I also volunteer at the J’s Hospice charity shop.

“The J’s Hospice really cares. They see me as an individual and they fit their care to what I need – they’re brilliant! When I first met The J’s Hospice, I was at a low point, looking for a direction. The J’s has helped me to get back on track and I am in a better place than I thought was possible.”


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Published in 2018

“The J’s has helped me to get back on track and I am in a better place than I thought was possible. I don’t know what life is going to bring but, since The J’s have been there, I’m feeling more positive!”